Monday, June 29, 2015

Daisy and Bartholomew Q
by Margot Finke

I'm pleased to review Margot Finke’s delightful new middle grade novel, “Daisy and Bartholomew Q.” It is clearly the most fun anyone has ever had with a thesaurus and a garden essay assignment. Word World, her make believe world, is peopled with amazing creatures, lots of word play, humor, and an exciting adventure along the Thesaurus Pathway. If you're looking for the perfect book for reluctant writers and those who love the written word, this is it. Both will enjoy the growth that Daisy experiences under the tutelage of her new bookworm friend, Bartholomew Q.

The main character, Daisy Fowler, dreads opening the thesaurus. It was required for her latest English assignmentuse the thesaurus to write a garden essay with new and exciting words. Daisy procrastinates until she just has only one night before her essay is due. At almost the very last moment, a green, wormlike creature comes to her rescue in the form of one Bartholomew Q. Bookworm. He takes Daisy to Word World, where she starts spouting larger and more descriptive words than she normally uses. Dear Bartholomew Q. helps her find the new and colorful adjectives, nouns, and verbs she’ll need to write an “A” worthy essay.

The strange and wonderful creatures in Word World are brought to life by artist Ioana Zdralea. The Featherbutt bird, the Dynoroar, the Oogledork, are but a few of the creatures Daisy meets. They help make the story fun and exciting as it turns into a wild adventure—one that will have readers on the edge of their seats wondering and worrying. Will Daisy make it out of her dangerous predicament in one piece? Will she make it home in time to write her garden essay? You’ll have to read the story to find out what happens.

Young writers will have lots of words to look up in their own thesauruses. I highly recommended “Daisy and Bartholomew Q” as a fun, imaginative adventure for ages 8 to 12.

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