Friday, February 27, 2015

Olive and the Great Flood
by Connie Arnold and illustrated by Kathleen Bullock

Today I'm happy to review Connie Arnold's new children's picture book, “Olive and the Great Flood,” as part of her Blog Tour. The beautiful illustrations are by artist Kathleen Bullock. It s is a sweet retelling in verse of the dearly loved Noah’s Ark story, and is told from the perspective of Olive the dove.

The story centers upon Olive, a beautiful white dove who will play a large part in this version. Olive’s gentle coos help to calm the restive creatures crammed in the ark while it rains for forty days and nights.. When the rain finally stops, Olive has another task. She is sent to find dry land for them to settle. She returns with her namesake olive branch, proving that the flood is over and the animals can be released to find their own homes. Olive and her mate settle in the olive tree to make their nest. In the end, God’s promise never to flood the world again, is evidenced in the rainbow, a sign of his love and a reminder of his promise.

Ms. Arnold’s retelling of the Ark story is told in rhyme, which children enjoy. But what makes the story come to brilliant life is the exquisite artwork by Ms. Bullock. The drawings are realistic and pleasing. They bring delight and action in a story that mainly has the constant rain and the flood to move the scenes.

Recommended for ages four through eight, for faith-based schools, Sunday school programs, and for parents and grandparents who would enjoy reading and seeing the Noah’s Ark story beautifully illustrated.

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