Friday, January 30, 2015

Ruby ShinesBright and the Birthday Cake

by RosaBella Bloom

Illustrated by Jackie Atkin

"Ruby ShinesBright and the Birthday Cake,” by RosaBella Bloom and illustrated by Jackie Atkin, is a cute story of a girl who can’t wait for her birthday. The night before her birthday party, she eats up all her beautiful birthday cake that her Grandmother made for her. Of course, the next morning she awakens with a very bad stomach ache from eating the whole cake. Her grandmother is extremely upset with Ruby and asks her what will they serve her friends at the party now. Ruby has a wonderful idea of making a “cake” out of fruit. Grandmother approves of the plan and they get busy. The fruit “cake” saves the day and all ends well at the five year old’s birthday party.

The artwork by Jackie Atkin is whimsical and cartoonish, but clearly gets the message across in this cute book. The fruit “cake” that saves the day is much nicer than the original birthday cake.

Children will love this cute story. Who hasn’t wanted to sneak a bite of birthday cake before the party? In this story, they can do just that and vicariously “have their cake and eat it, too”. For me, the best part is that the fruit birthday cake is even better, healthier, and more lovely than the original birthday cake. This story is for children age four to six.

Ruby ShinesBright and the Birthday Cake, Rosa Bella Bloom, Jackie Atkins, birthday party, grandmother, fruit