Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Doll Violinist
by Mayra Calvani
art by Amy Moreno

Here's another lovely children's picture book by Mayra Calvani; "The Doll Violinist,” with beautiful artwork by Amy Moreno. This story is about Emma, an orphan, who wants a lovely doll in Madame Dubois’s Toy Store window. Emma sneaks out to admire the beautiful doll violinist in the display window every chance she gets. This is especially poignant since the doll violinist reminds Emma of her dear mother in heaven.

It's five days before Christmas and there are five dolls in the window. Each day one of the dolls is sold until only the doll violinist remains. We hope the doll won't be sold out from under Emma’s hopeful eye. Please read it to find out.

The artwork by Amy Moreno’s is lovely, elegant, and perfectly captures the beauty and emotion of the story. She portrays the dolls as exquisite works of art—the images make you want to peer in the window along with Emma, hoping for that special doll to make your own Christmas dreams come true.

Such a heart-warming story! It's of special interest to children who love beautiful things and music—especially the violin. It’s also a Christmas story. So, in the Christmas spirit, we wish only good things for Emma. Highly recommended for ages 6 to 8.

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