Wednesday, October 29, 2014


by Mayra Calvani

Artwork by Marina Movshina

A Fox in the Night, by Mayra Calvani, with artwork by Marina Moshiva, is a lovely evening run through snowy woods with a red fox. She’s out on a mission. We follow her across fields, through the town and woods, with the whole natural world also alert on this night. We follow her night time journey until she makes it safely back to her den where her pups hungrily await her return. You can feel the urgency of the fox to make it home to her babies as a blizzard closes in on them in their cozy den.

Marina Moshiva’s interpretive artwork has the fox out on a shopping trip, getting Christmas presents for her pups. She has to return to them before the blizzard overtakes her and she’s late for Christmas morn with the presents. When mother fox is safe in her den, she snuggles with her pups, and reads them a bedtime story.

Ms. Calvani’s lovely story shows how our modern world has encroached on the natural world. Mother fox has to provide for her pups in spite of the weather, in spite of the wild world, and in spite of the human world. Our mother fox makes it safely home to her pups and provides them with everything they need to survive, food, knowledge, and gifts of the heart. It’s a beautiful idea.

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