Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Arctic Danger
Barbara Bockman
Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

Barbara Bockman’s new picture book,“Arctic Danger,”  illustrated by Eugene Ruble, is set in Alaska. Siblings Kiana and Gary are on a routine kayak trip to their local general store. All of a sudden it becomes an urgent mission when they discover an ecological disaster—an oil leak on the Alaska Pipeline. Sadly, this leak has already caused some wildlife problems. They rush to alert authorities, who respond appropriately.

Eugene Ruble’s realistic illustrations depict the two realities of Alaska:  the beauty and harsh life in the wild, contrasted with the practical concerns of family life in Alaska and how it is all affected by the Alaska Pipeline.

For a short book, this is a pretty exciting adventure taking place in an exotic U.S. state where wilderness and wildness still exist. As the kids paddle toward the store, Ms. Bockman has juxtaposed the peace and beauty of Alaska’s natural surroundings with the real ecological concerns of the oil pipeline. There is a factual background statement about the Alaska Pipeline at the back of the book. Recommended for kids aged 8-10.

“Arctic Danger” is published by www.guardianangelpublishing.com

Information on author Barbara Bockman is at https://barbarabockman.wordpress.com/

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    1. Hi Susan, Thanks for your support. You're always there for us!

  2. First, thanks to Susan for commenting on the review.
    And thanks, to you, Penny, for reviewing my newest book on your blog. I was delighted to find it when I returned home from a short trip.

    1. Hi Barbara, Wishing you much success with this book. It's an important topic and I hope it will find its way into schools and libraries. Glad you got back home safely. Penny