Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The Walking Fish

by Kopel Burk and Rachelle Burk

I was honored to be a beta reader of this wonderful middle grade novel, “The Walking Fish,” for authors Kopel and Rachelle Burk. This is a “Fish Story” that will delight fishermen of all ages. A seventh grader, Alexis, finds an extremely rare fish in a glacial pond where she and her parents spend their summer vacation. The discovery of the rare fish brings an excitement and a full-on search for others of its kind. Alexis, her friend Darshan, and Dr. Holland, from the local university, join in the search. While they all search, another character in the story, the selfish Dr. Mertz, wants all the glory for the discovery to his credit. Will they find other rare fish? Will Dr. Mertz succeed in stealing the limelight?

This is aptly described as a middle grade science adventure, written jointly with authors Rachelle Burk and Kopel Burk, her uncle, who conceived the story idea decades ago. The characters in the story are well-drawn, down-to-earth, and enjoyable. The plot is plausible and exciting. There’s even a “race” to find other rare fish. I won’t give away details, but there is a dangerous climax, and there’s also humor in every chapter. Highly recommended for middle grade readers, ages 9 to 12.

Information on co-author Rachelle Burk is at http://www.rachelleburk.com

Reviewed by:

Penelope Anne Cole
Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea 
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