Friday, December 4, 2015

Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle
by Nicole Weave
Art by Ruben Chavez
“Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle,” is another tri-lingual picture book by Nicole Weaver, with artwork by Ruben Chavez. Ms. Weaver also has a series about twins:  “My Sister is My Best Friend” and “My Brother is My Best Friend.” These tri-lingual picture books are perfect for teaching multi-lingual students or in multi-lingual families. How wonderful to share your mother tongue with your students and children.

The story is also a good one since it is concerned with protecting sea turtles. It is environmentally aware as well as diverse. Marie finds a stranded sea turtle and wants to save her. After laying her eggs, the sea turtle is too weak to make it back to the sea. But Marie isn’t strong enough to help her. Marie needs help. If she asks her parents for help, they might want to capture and eat the sea turtle! This is a difficult dilemma for Marie. If she doesn’t get help, the sea turtle will likely die out of the sea. But if she asks her parents, the sea turtle may suffer the same fate. I don’t want to give away the ending, but it is one that is uplifting and affirming.

The artwork by Ruben Chavez is playful, appropriate, and energetic. Although it isn’t animated, it seems to be, with the figures clearly and urgently rushing to the conclusion. In picture books the more expressive the artwork, the better.

Ms. Weaver has resources at the end of the book including web links for further study, two glossaries, and a sentence search to help with language study and understanding sea turtles. This story is highly recommended for ages 6-9.

I received a review copy from the Author for my honest review.

Reviewed by:
Penelope Anne Cole
Multi-Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea 
and Mágico Mateo (Spanish). Magical Mea Goes to School, and Magical Max and Magical Mickey
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