Monday, January 25, 2016

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday
The Rescue Team
by Billi Tiner
I loved “The Rescue Team” by Dr. Billi Tiner. It’s a feel good dog and cat story that I totally enjoyed. The story is told from the perspective of the main characters, Ellie, the dog, rescued from the animal shelter by Anne. Ellie and Anne form a special bond, and rescue a rabbit, but that’s just the beginning. Later, they rescue a small cat that Anne names Toby and they add him to their team—their rescue team. The rest of the story is one exciting rescue after another.

Often reading a new author I’m tempted to editorialize—to think of different ways of telling the story, different words, and so forth. But with this story, I enjoyed all of it. I was carried away and wasn’t even able to predict the next exciting event. The end is perfect, too. If you like dog and cat stories, if you like rescue and hero stories, you will enjoy this book about selflessness, friendship, caring, and having a positive purpose in life. Highly recommended for young middle grade readers, age 8 to 13.

Information about author and veterinarian Dr. Billi Tiner is at

Reviewed by:
Penelope Anne Cole
Multi-Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea 
and Mágico Mateo (Spanish). Magical Mea Goes to School, and
Magical Max and Magical Mickey
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