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Kitsy’s Mischief and Horses Review

Kitsy’s Mischief and Horses
by Emma M. Glover
as told to her by Kathryn “Kitsy” Johnstone
Illustrations by KC Snider

“Kitsy’s Mischief and Horses,” by Emma M. Glover, as told to her by Kathryn “Kitsy” Johnstone, with illustrations by KC Snider, is a chapter book for ‘tweens. It’s about Kitsy and her two brothers, Jimmy and Bobby, growing up in the California high desert towns of Victorville, Apple Valley, and Barstow, in the 1940s. I’ve been to all of those towns in the 1970s, so I know what the climate and layout is and I also know the area's employment struggles.

That period of time was a difficult one for Kitsy’s family, with her parents having to leave their three children in the care of other families in exchange for the children “helping out.” Then their parents could go where they needed to go to find work. In each of the foster homes they were sent to, Kitsy develops a bond with the farm work horses. She longs for a horse of own, and her father tries to get her one, but the pinto he finds isn’t suitable for a young girl. Will Kitsy finally get her own horse? When you read the book, you’ll find out about all the mischief Kitsy gets into on the way to finding her place at her boarding school in the end.  

The black and white artwork by KC Snider is perfect for the period. It’s a look back to a time that many families struggled through. Children grew up fast and rough. KC Snider’s images show both the joys of a freer childhood, along with the simplicity, everyday struggle to make ends meet—the harshness of that era. 

Ms. Johnstone’s personal remembrances in the skillful hands of author Ms. Glover, and talented artist KC Snider, has given readers a look into both a simpler and a harder life back in the 1940s. The book is readable and enjoyable. Teachers, librarians, and parents will find this book useful to show students what life was like for families and children in California's high desert in the 1940s. Highly recommended for ‘tweens, ages 7 to 10. 

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Reviewed by:
Penelope Anne Cole
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