Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Flexible Wings
bzy Veda Ramsay-Stamps
Veda Stamps' debut novel,“Flexible Wings,” is the story of eleven year old Summer Stevenson who's dealing with life as a "military brat." Summer and her younger sister Emiko have constantly been uprooted and relocated as their Navy parents moved from one duty station to another. Along the way they’ve all had to make a lot of adjustments.

It has been difficult for the sisters, having to make new friends and go to new schools. They’ve also had to cope with frequent, long separations when their parents were on deployments. Summer’s parents have been described as “heroes.” But what Summer wants is a normal life, a chance to belong to a swim team and make friends that she won’t have to leave in a year or two. In addition to constant change and uprooting, Summer has a mixed race heritage, so she encounters racism and bullying.

The family’s most recent move to Valencia sees the father out of the service and starting his civilian career. Summer finally joins a swim team, gains some new skills, and works toward her dream. However, Summer’s mother is still in the service and is on deployment most of the time that Summer competes with her new swim team. This summer is an important growth period for Summer. She gains a deeper understanding about herself, her family, friendship, and striving toward your goals.

This novel, though longer than most middle grade stories, provides insight into the life of the military child. Most civilians have little understanding of what military life is like, especially for military children. This book tells one girl’s and one family’s experience with uprooting and readjusting. It shows their day to day struggles, fears, and worries. It helps us on the outside to see what life is like serving in the military. We see first hand the kinds of sacrifices made by those who protect and serve in the military. “Flexible Wings” is highly recommended for children ages 9 to 11.

Information on author Veda Stamps is at http://www.vedastamps.com/

Reviewed by:
Penelope Anne Cole, Award winning author of
Magical Matthew, Magical Mea, Magical Mea Goes to School,
Magical Max and Magical Mickey, and Ten Little Tricksters.

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